Let’s re-evaluate the realism style

Why is the realism style left outside the focus of attention, though it is so attractive? The situation, where realism paintings are neglected, was caused by misunderstanding, wasn’t it? Such feelings drove me in the end to write up a book "Consideration of Contemporary Russian Paintings" to make a charm of this style of art widely known to the world, and published it in Japan as a first stage. This time in the consecutive pursuit of the aim I have finally come to the 2nd stage to publish a revised version of this book in my homepage on the Internet. From this front page you may read free of charge for the time of being the revised version of this book which mentioned in detail the wonderfulness of realism paintings in three languages, in English,Russian and Japanese.

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This is at the time of publishing in Japan.

Reading of “Consideration of contemporary Russian paintings" (Revised version)

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